eProcurement Steps

1. In order to obtain a quote, a requisition form must be completed by the purchaser online with ministry name, funding type (funded by ministry or organization budget or unfunded and requires a plan of development in conjunction with Glad Tidings Bookstore), event, descriptive need, date of need, quantity, and estimated budget.

2. Upon receipt of requisition form, Glad Tidings:

a. Will contact purchaser within 24- 48 hours of receipt of request.
b. Determines accuracy, approval and/or denial due to requested delivery date, funding, or local regulations.

3. Glad Tidings will submit an official quote to purchaser for approval.

4. Once quote is approved and agreed upon by purchaser, Glad Tidings will  provide an electronic proof for all printed files for purchaser approval.

5. Upon proof approval, the purchaser forwards the official quote to funding authority (commissioner or another leader):

a. Validates the budget by signing the voucher requisition and submits to begin official purchase, copying the purchaser on the submission.
b. Returns the form to the purchaser indicating disapproval to proceed and circumstances.

6. Glad Tidings follows their internal process to begin the official purchase of goods and/or services and provide purchaser with an estimated arrival time of goods.

7. Glad Tidings submits account receivable invoice and voucher to Reid Temple financial office and funding authority (commissioner) for procurement close out/payment.

Items blue denote a deviation from the standard process.