Beloved Community


Mission of Community Development Ministry

The mission of the Community Development Ministry is to unify the Reid Temple AME Church family under the vision of our Pastorof becoming God’s fellow workers in developing disciples and we accomplish this through our vision of building healthy relationships based on Building the Beloved Community.  The beloved community manifests and protects agape love as its guiding principle. To that end, we have developed a plan that offers radical hospitality to everyone, an inclusive family rather than exclusive club.  We recognize and honor the image of God in every human being; we are focused on exhibiting personal authenticity, showing true respect and validation of others. 

What is a Community?

RTAMEC has taken a collaborative approach to ensure the spiritual needs of our members are met holistically. The ministries involved in directly engaging our members are the Class Leaders (CL), Community Development (CD), and Celebration of Life (CLC), and Membership.  This corporate body meets on a regular basis to develop plans to promote spiritual growth for its members. The activities encourage community members to be followers of Christ, support one another to remain steadfast and obedient to the Word of God, reflect the love of Christ in their attitude, and demonstrate the love of Christ in their relationships with others in the Body of Christ and the community at-large. A body of believers, connected through a commitment to discipleship, who are intentional about growing toward spiritual maturity in our relationship with God and one another.  Beloved Communities are an integral part of our church’s development. We are organized by birth month in communities by which members stay connected, are accountable and develop healthy relationships. Each community is led by a Core Leadership Team. 

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